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Obama heads to Asia as tensions in Ukraine continue to flare

By Susan Crabtree | 04/21/14 10:11 AM

President Obama is moving forward with his seven-day trip to Asia this week as clashes between Ukraine and Russia continue and tensions in the region continue to simmer. The president will leave Tuesday evening for Tokyo, Japan, where he will begin his four-country tour through Asia.
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Obama administration delays Keystone XL decision, potentially until after Nov. elections

By Zack Colman | 04/18/14 04:45 PM

The Obama administration is extending the agency review period for the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline, potentially delaying the decision until after the November elections -- sparing President Obama a tough political decision in the process. A senior State Department official said agencies...
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Obama, family cause a small stir at Easter service

By STACY A. ANDERSON | 04/20/14 02:30 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama may have expected a quiet Easter, but his presence rallied a congregation eager to greet him and his family to the front of the church. Obama, wife Michelle and their daughters sat in the second row at Nineteenth Street Baptist Church, nearly two miles...
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