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Obama brags about increasing oil production -- and reducing carbon emissions

By Brian Hughes | 07/24/14 05:55 PM

President Obama, in California Thursday to talk about "economic patriotism," walked a very fine tightrope in talking up the administration's accomplishments.
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Why Malaysian Airlines crash was not a game-changer, after all

By Susan Crabtree | 07/25/14 07:30 AM

For President Obama, the crash of a Malaysian Airlines flight in Ukraine wasn't really a game-changer. Even as global anger against Russian President Vladimir Putin has grown for his indirect role in the crash, Obama hasn't spent much political capital pressing the issue, while Europe remains...
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Scotland's bid for independence puts White House in awkward diplomatic spot

By Sean Lengell | 07/25/14 09:00 AM

The United States' longstanding "special relationship" with the United Kingdom is being tested as Scotland prepares to vote on whether to become independent after a 307-year political union with Britain.
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