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Obama unveils tougher sanctions against Russia

By Brian Hughes | 07/29/14 05:48 PM

President Obama announced new, tougher sanctions against Russia on Tuesday, as Western nations ramped up pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin in the wake of the downing of a passenger jet in Ukraine.
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Obama prods Congress to fix corporate loopholes

By NEDRA PICKLER | 07/30/14 01:17 PM

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — President Barack Obama is prodding Congress to close corporate tax loopholes and take other action before going on summer break this week instead of trying to sue him. House Republicans are poised to vote to authorize a lawsuit against the president for overstepping...
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Russia counts cost of new US, EU sanctions

By LAURA MILLSJULIE PACE | 07/30/14 01:09 PM

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia was counting the potential cost of Western sanctions targeting its key energy and finance sectors on Wednesday, with the central bank promising to support lenders hit with penalties. The U.S. and European Union on Tuesday announced a raft of new penalties that would limit...
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