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Not backing down: Obama to issue another executive action

By Susan Crabtree | 07/31/14 07:51 AM

President Obama is following through with a threat to issue more executive actions, not fewer, one day after House Republicans moved forward with their lawsuit challenging the president's unilateral policy-making.
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Obama slams GOP for 'hating,' says voters should fight cynicism

By Susan Crabtree | 07/30/14 06:36 PM

The president engaged in jovial back-and-forth with audience members and seemed to bask in some good economic news about the growth of the economy in the second quarter.
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How the Obama-Vladimir Putin relationship died

By Brian Hughes | 07/30/14 02:50 PM

There have been so many new lows in the relationship between President Obama and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, that it's easy to forget how confident Obama was in forging a new partnership with the Kremlin after his election in 2008.
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