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Obama unveils tougher sanctions against Russia

By Brian Hughes | 07/29/14 05:48 PM

President Obama announced new, tougher sanctions against Russia on Tuesday, as Western nations ramped up pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin in the wake of the downing of a passenger jet in Ukraine.
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Why the White House slammed the GOP border bill

By Brian Hughes | 07/29/14 01:47 PM

The White House on Tuesday threw cold water on a pared-down Republican bill to address the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, dismissing the legislative package as insufficient and "arbitrary" just days before Congress is expected to leave town for an extended recess.
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Inaction could raise climate costs 40 percent, White House says

By Zack Colman | 07/29/14 06:00 AM

Waiting to address climate change would be more costly than acting now, the White House said in a new report.
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