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President Obama strains to straddle fundraising, foreign policy

By Susan Crabtree | 07/24/14 09:03 AM

Over the last few days President Obama awkwardly tried to sprinkle foreign-policy references into his fundraising speeches but got more laughs and applause with jokes complaining about "phony scandals" back in Washington at a glitzy dinner at the home of the producer of TV drama "Scandal." 
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How Obama is saving the DNC money on his fundraising trips --- at your expense

By Susan Crabtree | 07/23/14 05:00 AM

If President Obama delivers a public speech during a fundraising swing, he can decrease the Democratic Party committee's bill for his Air Force One travel, but there's a mystery surrounding how much the law requires him to reimburse the U.S. Treasury.
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The orthodontist behind the next big Obamacare legal fight

By Susan Ferrechio | 07/23/14 05:00 AM

While Democrats and Republicans on Tuesday cheered dueling court rulings on the legality of Obamacare subsidies, a conservative watchdog group has been preparing for the next big court case challenging the health care law.
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