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Democrats: House GOP calling out Obama on border undermines lawsuit

By Susan Crabtree | 08/01/14 08:54 AM

House GOP leaders gave Democrats a softball shot at turning their words against them to support more executive actions on immigration from President Obama amid disarray on the border-emergency spending bill.
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Obama remains confident in CIA head John Brennan despite Senate spying

By Susan Crabtree | 08/01/14 08:21 AM

President Obama remains confident in CIA Director John Brennan's leadership despite an independent investigation that concluded that the agency had overreached its authority by spying on Senate staffers.
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Brokering a truce in Gaza no easy deal for Kerry

By LARA JAKES | 08/01/14 07:24 AM

NEW DELHI (AP) — Hours past midnight Thursday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was still working the phones, trying to come up with a cease-fire plan to stop the bloodshed in the Gaza Strip. He'd been pushing for a deal all day — in fact, for more than a week — and nailing down a final...
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