Poll: Just 2% call Obama 'great'; Reagan tops at 10%

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Just 2 percent of adults consider President Obama the greatest of an eclectic collection of 27 world leaders from Mother Teresa to Che Guevara, putting Obama near the bottom of the handful of American politicians on the list. Former President Reagan topped that category at 10 percent.

The new YouGov/Economist survey had Obama just above former President Clinton, whom 1 percent consider the greatest. The list was topped by Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr., who each won 12 percent.

Reagan tied for second on the greatest list with Albert Einstein, also at 10 percent.

Obama didn’t fare much better when the pollster asked the survey sample of 1,000 to grade the 27 world leaders from "great" to "not great." Just 15 percent graded Obama as great, putting him 24th on that list. Another 21 percent called Obama “near great,” and a whopping 56 percent called him “not great.”

Ahead of the president: Helen Keller, Eleanor Roosevelt and even Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

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