Poll: Most Latinos say illegal immigrants shouldn't be deported for dope convictions

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As states move to decriminalize and even legalize marijuana, most Latinos in a new poll said that a dope conviction should not be grounds for deporting illegal immigrants.

According to a newly released poll from Latino Decisions and, 64 percent of Latinos registered to vote in California disagree that deportation should be the punishment for marijuana possession. It rises to 72 percent among Democratic Latinos.

What’s more, the poll of 400 found that 60 percent believe illegals should not face deportation for non-violent drug possession.

The survey revealed that the two top reasons for deportation are traffic violations and possession of marijuana.

“Latinos believe that the war on drugs is a failure and that our sentencing system is broken,” said Arturo Carmona, executive director of, in a statement. “Families shouldn’t be torn apart over marijuana possession. It’s time to enact common sense policies and stop wasting money over minor marijuana possession charges. It’s time to stop allowing the justice system to prey on America’s most vulnerable residents. We need reasonable and responsible drug sentencing reform that ends the war on communities of color."

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