Polls Show Scottish Independence Vote Is Closer Than Ever

wochit politics
June 15, 2014 AT 7:17 AM
Two surveys showed on Sunday, the campaign for Scottish independence continues to gain ground against its pro-union rival, as pollsters near consensus that the race is getting ever-tighter ahead of the September referendum. According to the latest poll by Panelbase, a record 43 percent back the campaign for independence, up two points from May, with the percentage against dropping one point to 46 percent. The Panelbase poll of 1060 voters, commissioned by the "Yes" campaign, found that once undecideds were excluded, support for secession grew to 48 percent, with 52 percent against. Scotland votes on Sept. 18 on whether to end its 307-year union with England and leave the United Kingdom. The campaign has entered its final phase, with both sides laying out economic projections for an independent Scotland.