Popularity stimulus bill deems Obama too big to fail

Scott Ott

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As President Barack Obama's disapproval rating for the first time surpassed his approval rating this week, Democrats in Congress introduced a new stimulus measure design to "recapitalize" the president's reputation.

Rasmussen Reports show that the spread between Americans who strongly approve and those who strongly disapprove of Mr. Obama has plummeted from a high of +23 in January to a -8 this week.

"Clearly the president is too big to fail," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. "We cannot stand idly by, as his plunging popularity has the potential to set off ripples that could affect members of Congress and even Democrat governors."

The American Presidential Popularity Recovery Act would pump up to $357 billion into the marketing and advertising industries in an effort to stabilize, and then gradually grow Obama's reputation to pre-February levels.

"This is basically a jobs bill," said Pelosi. "A lot of hardworking Americans whose careers depend on the president's popularity will go to bed tonight wondering where their next complimentary meal, or overseas junket will come from."

Pelosi said the crisis of the president's sagging popularity demands immediate action because "if we don't act quickly, people will think this is a matter for careful analysis and sober reflection, and by the time all of that mulling and stewing is done, the opportunity to push through a huge spending bill may have passed."

The bill, which has "very nearly been written", she said, runs roughly 1,700 pages and should be available in printed form for review by legislators within 60 to 90 days of its passage.


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