In Post-Fukushima Policy Test, Japan Town Rallies For Nuclear Re-start

wochit news
April 13, 2014 AT 1:28 PM
On the main road leading from the Sendai nuclear plant in southern Japan, a construction crew is laying down asphalt to widen the evacuation route in the event of a future disaster. For many here, that's a hopeful sight. It means they are edging closer to re-starting two nuclear reactors that have been an economic engine for nearly three decades in a remote coastal town that has few other options. Satsumasendai never felt the earthquake that triggered the Fukushima nuclear disaster, but residents saw their friends lose jobs and felt their future was threatened when the Sendai nuclear plant run by Kyushu Electric Power was idled along with the rest of Japan's reactors for a more stringent round of safety checks after Fukushima.