Pro-Obama group raises over $26 million in 2013

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Organizing for Action, the non-profit group backing President Obama's agenda, announced Friday that they had raised over $26.3 million in 2013.

"As we approach the one year mark of our founding, OFA is extremely proud that our grassroots-funded operation has an average contribution of $37,” said spokesperson Katie Hogan in a statement announcing the fundraising numbers.

“We have raised $26.3 million from more than 421,000 individuals who are supporting our organizers and volunteers working to tip the scales back towards the American people and away from special interests in Washington," she added.

The group raised $5.69 million of its 2013 haul in the fourth quarter of the year, receiving contributions from 115,730 donors. Those numbers marked a slide from its third quarter tally of $7.7 million.

OFA, formed from the remnants of Obama's 2012 re-election campaign, has used its deep pockets to help promote his second term agenda, from registering consumers in Obamacare's new insurance exchanges to pushing for immigration reform and tougher gun control

But despite their efforts, those initiatives stalled in 2013 with senators rejecting a bill to toughen background checks on gun purchasers and the House GOP failing to take up a bipartisan Senate immigration reform bill.

The group has tried to rescue the president’s health care reform law after the botched rollout of the insurance exchanges with campaigns to bolster registration and tout success stories. This month OFA is launching digital ads showing consumers who signed up for Obamacare.

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