Profile Kaj Zackrisson & Sverre Liliequist

World of Freesports
April 24, 2010 AT 5:34 AM
When Kaj Zackrisson is not freeriding, this all-rounder shows off his artistic talents: He has started up his own hat company, Kask, and designs hats himself. If he takes one of them off, you'll discover his laughing face and inimitable dreadlocks! Through his numerous films, produced by his own production company Swedish Posse, Kaj also puts his efforts into sharing his undiminished passion for skiing! Sverre Liliequist began alpine skiing when he was on vacation with his parents at the age of 8. He competed in alpine ski races until 1998, when he became interested in free riding after watching the Scandinavian Extreme in Riksgränsen. He had instant success, quickly becoming the Scandinavian champion, and later went on to be crowned world champion. Whilst travelling the Rockies, Sverre found he had time to kill and soon realized he had a talent for crocheting. Not long after, KASK was born – a company set up by himself and a friend, Kaj Zack-risson, where the two of them produce beanies worn by skiers throughout the world. Besides skiing, Sverre spends a lot of time working with photographers, which gains him expo-sure in international ski magazines. He is also the creator and a participating athlete in the Swed-ish Posse Ski movie productions. After his skiing career, he hopes to expand and be more involved with his business Kask. He feels it is very rewarding to see a project that he created develop into a proper business. The biggest thing outside of his skiing life right now is making the new house he bought in Stockholm (just 200 metres from the ocean) ready to move into.