Property criminal sentenced to 14 years New Mexico
February 10, 2011 AT 2:30 AM
one of albuquerque's worst property crime offenders is headed to prison. and new at six -- we uncover how run-ins with the law ... seem to run in justin brasher's family. kayla anderson talked to the police chief today. she's live with what she found out. justin and jeffrey brasher are the only siblings ever minute thumbnail 06:03 pm to make it to the list of top five property crime offenders. we've uncovered a third brother-- and their father-- all have criminal records. albuquerque police chief ray schultz calls justin brasher's criminal history goes back generations. "it's very unfortunate that we have this type of cycle occuring in our community." justin brasher will spend the next 14 years behind bars-- sentenced today for a spree of property crimes which spanned at least two years. his accomplice, and brother, jeffrey brasher is also in jail. and a third brother-- jesse brasher-- has a criminal record of his own. "those types of crimes, that type of reckless behavior, put the entire community atisk for injury or death. that's why it's so important that these people be held accountable." we've also learned their dad, jesse senior, has chalked up time in cuffs too he's been arrested for assault and domestic violence.