Questions about Los Lunas prison escape New Mexico
August 15, 2011 AT 3:01 PM
from the state prison in los lunas is back behind bars tonight. we've been asking questions for two days into how he escaped in the first place. we finally got some answers tonight. eddie garcia has our top story. david mansfield was allowed to work on a farm on state prison property -- early saturday morning, he walked off the farm making his escape. this evening we spoke to a neighbor who thinks this entire situation is a reflection of prison security. richard goheen lives right across the street from the state prison in los lunas - he says 54 year old david mansfield's escape comes as no surprise. at least one or two occasions i've seen them out here without a guard - even further up the road, a quarter mile up the road and they were un supervised - no guard, no anything. goheen says he was so concerned he drove into minute thumbnail 10:01 pm the prison facility - to complain and to test their security. there was no guard, there was no gate the gate wasn't closed - nothing. i drove my truck right on in right up to the front door and walked on in and i asked a guard what was going on, how come there wasn't any supervision out there and he said; oh heck some of these guys have been here so long they can do whatever they want'." we spoke to a prison spokesman asking about david mansfields escape. he says the inmate fed cattle on the prison's 1,800 acre farm, it was his job but early saturday morning guards noticed something was wrong. we had one of our officers call looking for him saying he hadn't reported in so that's when we went to go look for him and he had walked away from the facility. mansfield was found sunday afternoon asleep inside a car for sale at this los lunas dealership. we asked if this situation is making the prison - re-evaluate security. anytime we have an escape or walk-a-way like this type, we will review every policy. goheen says he hopes that review will call for more minute thumbnail 10:02 pm security for inmates working on and off prison grounds. it's still penitentiary and people need to be kept safe from the people who are on the other side of this wall. mansfield is being temporarily held at the valencia county jail charged with escape...which could add even more time to the original 4 years he was serving. mansfield is in prison for embezzelment and car theft. back to you