Questions remain in fatal police shooting New Mexico
April 13, 2011 AT 7:45 PM
after a man is shot and killed by albuquerque police. we're live with the response from the city- and what the man's family says they plan to do. two albuquerque police officers are on standard leave-- following the shooting death of a man on the westside. police are still trying to figure out all the details that lead up to the shooting.. at the same time- we are learning more about the man killed ... and his previous run- ins with the law. sharon erickson is live outside police headquarters- with our big story. sharon? antoinette... this is being called the third officer- caused death of the year... and minute thumbnail 12:00 pm there are still more questions than answers this afternoon. this was the scene yesterday in the 76-hundred block of sun rose... as police officers, the swat team and the bomb squad swarmed the area. albuquerque police tell us detectives richard hilger and christopher brown came to this home to serve a warrant to 27- year old christopher torres. torres was wanted on a 50- thousand dollar cash- assured bond for aggravated auto burglary... stemming from a february 17th incident where police say torres tried to pull a woman from her car while she was stopped at a red light. this is video of torres 3 days later... getting arrested for attacking a man and impersonating a drug enforcement agent at "garcia's" restaurant. when officers knocked on the door yesterday... no one answered... but they heard a noise in the backyard. that's where they found torres... who tried to get away. police say torres punched detective hilger in the face... and grabbed his gun. "some type of struggle