Range Rover Long Wheelbase Autobiography Black Design

AutoMoto TV
November 28, 2013 AT 9:03 AM
Exclusive to the US market and limited to just 100 units, the exterior of the Black has a new grille and blingy model-specific wheels, along with identifying badges. There's also the availability of the stylish Valloire White paint shown here, which will be used on the first 25 Black models built, and it adds a cool $14,500 to the $185,000 starting price. And while the exterior tweaks are limited, it's the cabin of this luxury limo that sees the biggest batch of upgrades. All four seats have their own memory, climate and massage controls, as well as 18-way adjustability for the front pair of seats. Passengers in back will enjoy 17 degrees of recline along with 10.2-inch rear screens, while the passenger-side backseat as a deployable ottoman. LED mood lamps comes standard, and helps show off the exquisite wood and leather work of the SUV's cabin.