Raw: 3 Reported Dead in Ukraine Clashes


A medic for anti-government demonstrators in Kiev, Ukraine says three demonstrators died following overnight clashes with police. The medic says one demonstrator died after falling from a high place during the clashes. (Jan. 22)


Kiev, Ukraine - 22 January, 2014


1. Wide of police behind riot shields in front of protester's barricades, snow falling

2. Mid of protesters fleeing the scene

3. Pan of protester in orange jacket holding his head while others help him away

4. Mid of police with riot shields and protesters in foreground, snow falling

5. Wide of protesters running forwards throwing objects at police, zoom in

6. Wide of police behind shields moving forward slowly

7. Various of protesters behind barricades as police wait in front of them


Three protesters have died in clashes with police in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv today, according to a medic for the protesters.

Oleh Musiy, co-ordinator of the medical corps for the anti-government protesters, told The Associated Press that one activist died in the hospital after falling from a high altitude at the site of the clashes.

Musiy suggested two other protesters died after being shot.

Police began dismantling barricades near a government district in Kyiv this morning, but protesters soon pushed them back to their original positions.

The two-month standoff began after President Viktor Yanukovych spurned a pact with the European Union in favour of close ties with Russia.

Prospects for an agreement to end the conflict dimmed Tuesday, when Yanukovych refused to personally meet with leading members of the opposition who were invited for talks.


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