Raw: Deadly Ambush on Ukrainian Military


Dozens of mangled Ukrainian military vehicles littered a road out of Ilovaysk where retreating pro-government fighters were caught in a rebel ambush as they retreated, leading to heavy losses. (Sept. 2)



Novokaterynivka village, Ukraine - 2 September 2014

1. Low angle of three tanks destroyed by rebel ambush in the early hours of Sunday as pro Ukrainian fighters tried to escape from the besieged city of Ilovaysk after weeks of heavy fighting

2. Low angle of tanks destroyed by rebel ambush, a few of dozens of destroyed in the area, a local resident looks on

3. Ukrainian military truck blown off road by a rocket attack. In the background the charred remains of two Ukrainian Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs), all destroyed in Sunday's ambush

4. Charred remains of a Ukrainian APC in ambush, the body of a Ukrainian solider seen hanging from the power lines ++GRAPHIC++

5. Pan of destroyed Ukrainian military vehicles, a Dnipro battalion (local pro-government militia) truck seen in foreground with bed of truck covered in blood

6. Tilt from Ukrainian flag in bed of truck to blood spread all over the vehicle

7. Local residents walking through wreckage of Ukrainian hardware destroyed by rebel ambush, charred bus seen in background

8. Various of seven-year-old Oxana and ten-year-old Andrey Pluysch collecting shrapnel from a crater, left after the rebel ambush

9. Close of flies swarming on shallow grave of Ukrainian solider killed in rebel ambush on Sunday on the outskirts of the village

10. Crucifix made of sticks marking the shallow grave of a Ukrainian solider killed in a rebel ambush


Dozens of mangled Ukrainian military vehicles littered a road out of Ilovaysk on Tuesday.

Locals said pro-government fighters retreating from Ilovaysk were caught in a rebel ambush early on Sunday, as they retreated down a three miles corridor, leading to heavy losses.

Some were cut down as they ran across fields, others had shed their uniforms and hid in the undergrowth, locals said.

In the outskirts of the village of Novokaterynivka a truck driver delivering a load of bread stopped to survey three destroyed Ukrainian tanks, most of the bodies had been removed by the Red Cross on Monday.

In the streets dozens of heavily damaged military vehicles blocked the road.

At least two bodies of Ukrainian army personnel were left unclaimed, including one dangling from a power line after a rocket attack during the ambush early on Sunday.

A makeshift cross amongst the gnarled wreckage of an armored personnel carrier marked the shallow grave of a second Ukrainian solider.

Ilovaysk, a strategic town east of the region's main city of Donetsk, has seen weeks of heavy shelling between Kiev's troops and pro-Russian separatists.

On Saturday, the government conceded its inevitable defeat in the bitter fight for Ilovaysk as its armed forces were surrounded and under relentless attack.

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