Raw: Families React As 683 Sentenced to Death


Families were distraught in Egypt on Monday after a judge in Minya sentenced 683 alleged supporters of the country's ousted Islamic president to death, including the Muslim Brotherhood's supreme guide Mohamad Badie. (April 28)



April 28, 2014

1. Various of relatives of those sentenced to death sitting on ground crying

2. Mid of women crying

3. Wide of security blocking road leading to court

4. Wide of crowds near court building

FILE: Cairo - March 27, 2014

5. Various of Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie with others behind bars in court


Families were devastated in Egypt on Monday as a judge in Minya sentenced 683 alleged supporters of the country's ousted Islamist president to death.

This, the latest mass trial to be sentenced, included the Muslim Brotherhood's supreme guide Mohamad Badie, defence lawyers said.

If his sentence is confirmed, it would make him the most senior Brotherhood figure sentenced to death since one of the group's leading ideologues, Sayed Qutb, was executed in 1966.

But in a surprise reversal, the same judge also reduced most of the death sentences handed to 529 defendants in a similar case in March, commuting the majority of them to life imprisonment.

The judge, Said Youssef, said he was referring his ruling on the 683 death sentences for violence and the killing of policemen to the Grand Mufti, the top Islamic official - a requirement under Egyptian law, but one that is considered a formality.

Both mass trials are linked to deadly riots that erupted in Minya and elsewhere in Egypt after security forces violently disbanded sit-ins held by Brotherhood supporters in Cairo last August.

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