Raw: Final Syrian Chemical Weapons Transfer


At an Italian port on the Mediterranean the last batch of chemical weapons from Syria's arsenal is transferred to the US MV Cape Ray for destruction. (July 2)


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Gioia Tauro, Italy 2 July 2014

1. Various of the Danish ship Ark Futura

2. Wide views of US Navy vessel the USS Cape Ray

3. Various of containers being transferred between Ark Futura and USS Cape Ray

4. Wide of police officers along quay

5. ExWide of port off loading facility


A Danish ship carrying hundreds of tons of Syrian chemical weapons steamed into the southern Italian port of Gioia Tauro on Wednesday for a rendezvous with a US cargo vessel carrying equipment that will destroy the toxic material.

Escorted by an Italian coast guard vessel, the Ark Futura pulled into port as the sun rose and anchored near the MV Cape Ray, which has machinery on board to neutralize the chemicals.

Within an hour of arrival, a forklift truck and cranes were at work on the Ark Fortuna's deck beginning to move the containers.

Local officials estimate the transfer of chemicals might take as long as 20 hours, depending on sea conditions.

Once the chemicals are moved onto the Cape Ray, it will sail into the open sea and begin the process of neutralizing the materials.

The Ark Futura last month picked up the last batch of Syrian chemical weapons - including mustard gas and the raw materials for sarin nerve gas - that were removed as part of the international effort to destroy Syria's chemical stockpile.

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