Raw: Floods Submerge Indonesia's Capital


Large portions of Jakarta, Indonesia are under water after days of heavy rainfall. Water levels have reached 13 feet (four meters) in some areas. (Jan. 22)



Jakarta, Indonesia - 22 January, 2014

1. Wide of military boat rowing away with resident onboard

2. Mid of van submerged in flood water with man sat on top

3. Wide. Submerged house

4. Wide, pan from top of building to water covering most of first floor

5. Wide, submerged stores

6. Mid, woman climbs on to rescue boat

7. Mid, man rows rescue boat

8. Pan through flooded area of Jakarta


Large parts of the Indonesian capital remained submerged under water on Wednesday after rivers burst their banks following days of heavy rainfall.

The water levels were as high as four metres (just over 13 feet) in some areas of Jakarta.

Emergency crews began rescuing residents trapped by the floods, but dozens of people including women and children, have been forced to take shelter under a busy flyover.

"The water subsided yesterday, so I returned home to clean the mud from my house. But last night water came in very quickly and flooded my house again," said Ngatino, who was among those taking refuge under the bridge.

Officials said around 4,100 people were living in several temporary shelters across the capital and 120 thousand people have been affected in 33 districts, according to the city's Disaster Mitigation Agency.

Local media on Tuesday criticised President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono for not doing enough to mitigate the situation in Jakarta as he flew off to the beach resort of Bali to attend a Democratic Party meeting over the weekend.

Meanwhile in western Indonesia at least two people have died and another 16 missing after a bridge collapsed.

Officials said about 40 villagers were on the wooden bridge in Serang in Banten province looking at the high water levels when it collapsed on Tuesday.

Emergency crews managed to save 22 people who fell into the river below, but several more are still missing.

The cause of the collapse is being investigated.


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