Raw: Half-Nude Cyclists Protest in Peru


Hundreds of half-nude cyclists biked through the streets of Lima, Peru to express their discontent with the city's traffic and disregard for cyclists. Many went shirtless, and some rode with no clothing at all. (March 9)


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Lima, Peru - March 9, 2013

1. Various of nude cyclists riding to promote road safety

2. Close pan of nude cyclists before the start riding again

3. Close of cyclists blowing whistles

4. Wide of cyclists

5. Various of cyclists riding


Hundreds of Peruvian half nude cyclists biked through the streets to express their discontent with Lima's traffic and the city's disregard for cyclists.

Most riders wore something, but quite a few went shirtless and some rode bare-bottomed on Saturday through the streets of the capital.

The flashy demonstration is the eighth annual nude ride and its purpose is to urge authorities to crack down on hostility by car drivers towards cyclists.

Organizers said they want people to reconsider using vehicles as a medium of transport and instead opt for bicycles.

Organizer Octavio Zegarra said they rode half naked to call attention to their vulnerability as cyclists and raise awareness about the dangers of riding a bicycle in traffic.

"We meet up in the most creative and attention-grabbing way to demand respect toward cyclists and demand government take action to reclaim the bicycle as a mode of transport," Zegarra said.

He said they cycle half naked to show that they have no protection while riding, unlike drivers who travel inside their cars.

Lima, a city of 10 (m) million residents, has few bike lanes and these are usually overtaken by cars or pedestrians.


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