Raw: Iraqi Volunteers Sign Up to Fight ISIL


Hundreds of volunteers are turning up in Baghdad and declaring themselves ready to fight ISIL, the militant group that has overrun several Iraqi cities. (June 16)



Baghdad - 16 June, 2014

1. Shiite volunteers in back of several large military trucks preparing to set off

2. Various of volunteers in trucks

3. Various of volunteers getting into truck

4. Volunteer climbing over side of truck

5. Various of Iraqi soldiers searching volunteers

6. Various of trucks filled with volunteers lined up waiting to drive off towards front lines

7. Various of convoy of trucks carrying volunteers


Hundreds of Shiite volunteers in Baghdad piled into army trucks and were driven off to join the fight against Islamic militants in Iraq on Monday.

The volunteers gathered at the Federal Police Command headquarters in the Iraqi capital, chanting Shiite religious slogans.

They pledged to join the nation's beleaguered security forces to battle the Sunni militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL.

Thousands of Shiites have heeded a call from their most revered spiritual leader, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, to take up arms against the group, which has captured large areas of territory north of Baghdad.

Brigadier General Abbas Fadhil Abdul Sahib said the volunteers were being supplied with army fatigues and would be sent to join Iraqi troops "to fight the enemy".

ISIL has vowed to take the battle to Baghdad and cities farther south housing revered Shiite shrines.


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