Raw: No Fighting in Crimea; Ultimatum Passes


Vladimir Putin ordered tens of thousands of Russian troops to return to base on Tuesday as his ultimatum for Ukrainian warships to surrender passes without action. (March 4)



Sevastopol, Ukraine - March 4, 2014

1. Wide of Sevastopol harbour where Ukraine's corvette Ternopil (far left) and Command ship Slavutych (centre) flanked by Russian navy ships

2. Wide of Ukrainian seamen onboard ship

3. Wide of Ternopil, seamen onboard

4. Pan right across harbor from Ternopil to Slavutych

5. Wide of men aboard Slavutych, one is making a phone call

6. Pan right across Slavutych


There's been no fighting in Crimea as a supposed Russian ultimatum for two Ukrainian warships to surrender has passed.

The warships remain anchored in a Crimean port today, a day after Ukrainian authorities said Russian forces had issued an ultimatum for the ships to surrender or be seized.

Russia's Defense Ministry says no ultimatum had been issued. Russian troops said to be 16,000 strong have tightened their grip on Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula.

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