Raw: Police Display Peru's Biggest Drug Haul


Peruvian police put on display 7.6 tons of cocaine in what they call their country's largest haul. (Sept. 2)



Lima, Peru - 1 September, 2014

1. Various of police officers unloading packages containing cocaine from back of National Police plane

2. Officials supervising unloading of packages as they are put on floor of airport hangar; banner behind reading (Spanish): "Historic Blow to Illegal Drug Trafficking."

3. Pan of police moving packages to floor

4. Armed police officers standing guard

5. Drugs being put on floor


Peruvian police have put on display what they call the largest cocaine haul ever in the Andean nation.

The 7.7 metric tons (8.5 tons) of cocaine were flown to the capital on Monday after being seized in a raid last week.

Officers wearing white jackets and surgical masks unloaded the boxes from a police transport plane at a Lima airport hangar.

Interior Minister Daniel Urresti touted the seizure from a stage, a banner behind him proclaiming "Historic Blow to Illegal Drug Trafficking."

Authorities last week found the plastic-wrapped cocaine bricks amid chunks of coal near the northern port of Trujillo.

Six Peruvians and two Mexicans were arrested.

Police said the drugs had been destined for Spain and Belgium.

Since 2012, Peru has been the world's top producer of cocaine.

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