Raw: Pro-Russians in Ukraine Prepare Defenses


Ukrainian forces have launched what appears to be its first major assault against pro-Russian forces who have seized government buildings in eastern Ukraine. Pro-Russian residents are setting up barricdes to keep the Ukrainian troops out. (May 2)





Slovyansk, Ukraine - 2 May, 2014

1. Wide, road, armed gunmen, piles of sandbags and tires

2. Mid, gunmen near tires

3. Wide, gunmen add tires to burning pile

4. Wide, more burning tires

5. Wide, man rolls log-shaped object down road

6. Wide, people roling tires

7. Mid, barricade

8. Mid, people add objects to barricade

9. Mid, adding more objects to barricade


Residents of Slovyansk built new barricades on Friday to prevent Ukrainian troops from entering the city, as fighting between pro-Russian militias and Ukrainian forces lead to three dead in the area.

Residents used bins, tyres and pieces of wood to build barricades on major streets of Slovyansk, fearing Ukraine's special police and military units would attack them.

"Not a single man can come here and kill our children", said Lida, one of the residents who took part in building barricades. "They (Ukrainian forces) are not afraid of anything. They are animals and they will blow everything up", she added.

Slovyansk, which is currently in the hands of pro-Russian militias, has become the focus of the insurgency.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin says the Kremlin has sent an envoy to Ukraine's southeast to negotiate the release of foreign military observers who were captured by pro-Russian militia in Slovyansk.

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