Raw: Protesters, Police Clash in Brazil


Protesters and Brazilian police clashed in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, just hours before the first World Cup match. (June 12)



Sao Paulo, Brazil - June 12, 2014

1. Riot police walking down side street

2. Various of riot police firing tear gas at protestors

3. Black Block protesters from Rio de Janeiro holding signs that ask for the freedom of the two teenagers who killed a cameraman during last years riots in Rio (Fabio and Caio)

4. Protestors setting rubbish on fire

5. Close of rubbish on fire

6. Banner reading (Portuguese) "FIFA terrorists"

7. Top view of protestors with flags and banners (before the protest turned violent)


Armed riot police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters in Sao Paulo on Thursday, just hours ahead of the opening of the World Cup.

More than 300 demonstrators gathered along a main highway leading to the Corinthians stadium, which will host the tournament opener between Brazil and Croatia on Thursday.

Some tried to block traffic, but police repeatedly pushed them back, firing canisters of tear gas and using stun grenades.

The flow of traffic to the arena was not blocked.

A few protesters suffered injuries after being hit by rubber bullets, while others were seen choking after inhaling tear gas.

In the crowd were anarchist adherents to the "Black Bloc" tactic of protest, a violent form of demonstration and vandalism that emerged in the 1980s in West Germany and helped shut down the 1999 World Trade Summit in Seattle.

Such Black Bloc protesters have frequently squared off against police in several Brazilian cities in the past year, as a drumbeat of anti-government demonstrations have continued since a massive wave of protests hit Brazil last year.

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