Raw: Rockets Fired at Israel From Lebanon


Two rockets were launched into Israel from South Lebanon on Monday night. The Israeli military returned fire. There has been no claim of responsibility. (July 15)



1. Flares fired over Tyre city, Lebanon, with flashes of Israeli shelling over the south of the country

2. Close of flares

3. Tyre city in distance with flares overhead and faint sound of shelling

South Lebanon - 14 July, 2014


Two rockets were launched from South Lebanon at Israeli territories on Monday night, the fourth such attack since the start of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict last week.

The rockets were launched from the fields of Qulayleh village near the southern port city of Tyre.

The Israeli army confirmed that the projectiles hit the northern part of Israel, prompting Israeli artillery to shell the launch site.

A UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) Commander had earlier, contacted senior officials of the Lebanese army and the Israeli army, urging self-restraint and cooperation with the UNIFIL to curb any escalation.

No party has claimed responsibility for the firing of the missiles out of South Lebanon.

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