Raw: Russian Aid Convoy Crosses Into Ukraine


The humanitarian aid convey from Russia, poised to cross with supplies intended for Luhansk, must pass through an X-ray inspection system as part of an agreement reached by the Russia, Ukraine and International Committee of the Red Cross. (Aug. 18)



Russia-Ukraine border - August 18, 2104

1. People going through the border crossing Donetsk towards Ukraine

2. Mid of people leaving the border crossing towards Russia, passing by the X-Ray inspection system behind the fence

3. X-Ray inspection system

4. People with bags leaving the border crossing

5. Close-up of woman holding a child

6. People registering documents at the border crossing

7. Police office, then pan right to the X-Ray inspection system

8. X-Ray inspection system shot from behind the fence

9. Zoom in to the 16 parked aid trucks

10. Wide of convoy parked 17 miles from the Russian-Ukrainian border

11. Drivers walking by the parked trucks

12. Wide of column of 16 aid trucks


A part of the Russian aid convoy was parked at the Russian crossing point into Ukraine on Monday, where it was expected to go through an X-Ray inspection.

The installation of the X-ray at the border is part of the agreements reached by the Russia, Ukraine and The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Another 200 trucks were still parked on a field 17 miles from the border with Ukraine on Monday. The convoy is poised to cross with supplies intended for Luhansk and other afflicted zones.

The convoy of nearly 270 vehicles had been marooned for days in a town near the border amid objections from Ukraine, which initially complained that the mission was not authorized by the ICRC.

The Red Cross, which would have responsibility for distributing the aid, on Saturday said the main hold-up was a lack of security guarantees from all sides in the conflict.

The humanitarian aid convoy from Russia has been watched with suspicion by Ukraine and Western countries, who suggest it could be used to spirit in weapons for the separatists, who are gradually losing ground to Ukrainian forces.

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