Raw: Sinkhole Widens in Village Near World Cup


A sinkhole near one of Brazil's World Cup stadiums grew larger Friday as bad weather washed soil away in the city of Natal. Residents watch in fear as homes tumbled into the hole. (June 20)



Natal, Brazil - June 20, 2014

1. Top shot of homes collapsed into sinkhole in Mae Luiza community

2. Debris and rubble in sinkhole

3. Part of building falling into sinkhole as underlying ground gives way and dust rises

4. Various of destroyed buildings with damaged appliances and belongings still inside

5. Tilt down from damaged buildings into sinkhole

6. Car destroyed under rubble in sinkhole

7. Tilt up from damaged area with water flowing out of burst pipe to locals and members of local authorities looking at damaged area

8. Members of local authorities assessing damaged area

9. Locals looking into sinkhole

10. Locals, including Tiago Ramiro, looking at damaged area and taking photographs

11. SOUNDBITE: (Portuguese) Tiago Ramiro, Mae Luiza resident:

"One hundred and fifty families (had to be relocated) and it looks like many more will be relocated too because, as you can see, unfortunately it continues, there is more ongoing damage."

12. Various of little boys sitting on sandbags beside landslide area

13. SOUNDBITE: (Portuguese) Tiago Ramiro, Mae Luiza resident:

"The government have somewhat done their part but a lot more needs to be done, more efforts need to be made. While the community here is united, for sure more needs to be done by the authorities to at least help the people in more ways."

14. Close of Brazilian flag on building

15. Houses decorated with Brazilian flags and local residents sitting on their doorsteps

16. Close of house number

17. Damaged home where part of living room has fallen into sinkhole

18. Wide of sinkhole, sides covered in plastic secured with sandbags


Residents' homes and belongings continued to tumble into a huge sinkhole in a favela community in Natal on Friday, just kilometres away from the city's World Cup stadium.

Recent record rainfall caused the sinkhole to open up in the Mae Luiza community earlier in the week, leaving its ramshackle buildings with major damage.

Partially collapsed homes perched precariously on the edge of the sinkhole, which was filled with appliances, furniture and even a car.

Local authorities were inspecting damage to the area on Friday, as locals peered over the edge and took photos.

Resident Tiago Ramiro said that 150 families had to be relocated because of the sinkhole.

"It looks like many more will be relocated too because, as you can see, unfortunately it continues, there is more ongoing damage," he said.

While authorities assess the situation, the affected families have been moved to local schools and community centres.

The crater lies just streets away from the 37,000-seater Arena das Dunas, which will host the crunch Group D match between Italy and Uruguay.

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