Raw: Vatican Releases New Pope Stamps, Coins

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To mark the anniversary of Pope Francis' first year as pontiff, the Vatican released a new series of coins and stamps that carry the face of "the People's Pope." (March 13)



Rome - March 12, 2014

1. Tight new Pope Francis stamps being looked at with magnifying glass

2. Wide new stamps being looked at by head of Philatelic and Numismatic Office of the Vatican (not in vision)

3. Tight new Vatican euro coins with face of Pope

4. Wide coins held up in presentation case

5. Wide Saint Peter's Square

6. Mid Tourists looking at stall selling Pope Francis memorabilia

7. Tight rosary and Pope Francis picture

8. Tight rosary boxes with Pope Francis picture

9. Tight Pope Francis picture

10. Tight Pope Francis pictures held by street vendor

11. Wide souvenir stall


The Vatican has released a new series of coins and stamps to mark the first anniversary of Pope Francis' pontificate.

The set of eight coins, ranging from the one cent to the two euro coin, will cost 35 euros, or 49 US dollars.

The stamps, ranging from 70 cents to 2.5 euro, will be released on March 21.

With the pope's popularity soaring, it is expected there will be a huge demand for the anniversary stamps and minted coins, which all carry the face of Francis.

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