Raw: Violence in Bangkok on Eve of Elections


At least seven people have been wounded in clashes between protesters and government supporters in Bangkok on the eve of nationwide elections. (Feb. 1)



Bangkok - February 1, 2014

1. Wide smoke rising at road junction as gunfire is heard

2. Mid anti-government protesters crawling on ground; one has a revolver

3. Wide people at road junction

4. Mid two armed policeman taking cover on ground

5. Wide police taking cover

6. Tight pan to man, a government supporter, reloading his revolver AUDIO of gunfire

7. Mid people running and crawling across road

8. Mid American photojournalist, James Nachtwey, getting treated for leg wound

9. Mid people taking cover while gunfire is heard

10. Various of injured pro-government supporter in ambulance with chest wound


Gunfire rang out at a major intersection in Thailand's capital on Saturday as clashes between protesters and government supporters erupted on the eve of tense nationwide elections.

At least seven people were wounded, including American photojournalist James Nachtwey. .

The confrontation began after a group of pro-government supporters marched to a district office in northern Bangkok containing ballot boxes that had been surrounded by protesters who have been trying to derail the vote.

The two sides clashed first with rocks and firecrackers, then with pistols and assault rifles.

The violence came one day ahead of a highly unusual ballot that has little to do with the traditional contests between rival candidates vying for office. Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has refused to step down, arguing she is open to reform.

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