Redskins Hall: Team in a good position, despite record

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A few DeAngelo Hall highlights:

  1. On doing different things to try and confuse QB Nick Foles:  “I hope so, that’s the plan. He hasn’t seen a lot of defenses in the NFL. It’ll be nice to get him out there and break him in a little bit. … He still has a lot of weapons. We have to play hard. We have to be physical. We have to get a win. We need a win bad.”
  2. More on Foles: “The kid is in the league for a reason. Our coaches have coached him in the Senior Bowl. They definitely told us the kid can make every throw. It’s not like going out against a guy who can’t throw the ball at all. It’s nice not to have to worry about Mike running around extending plays. That will be a little bit to our advantage.”
  3. On why they struggle vs. rookie quarterbacks: “I have no idea. … We haven’t had the greatest success against young guys so if anyone’s not treating this guy like he’s an NFL starting quarterback, they’re crazy.”
  4. On if the schedule helps them – having five NFC East games upcoming — even if they’re 3-6: “Absolutely. Knowing we still have a chance, knowing we control our own destiny, besides the Giants. They probably got a little bit of an advantage over us. I haven’t looked at their schedule. We’re in a good position, not a great position and not a position we wanted to be in, but all things aside being 3-6 like we are, we’re in a good position to be 3-6.”
  5. On using the last seven games for the secondary to restore their reputations: “Every time you step out there is an opportunity to do that. Guys aren’t trying to give up plays, they’re trying to make plays. Every game is an opportunity to try and leave a better taste in your mouth and everyone else’s mouth. When you win it cures a lot of things.”
  6. On the return of Brandon Meriweather: “Hopefully some playmaking ability. We haven’t seen him out on the field in a while. We had fun in camp and a couple preseason games he got to play in. Definitely looking forward to having him out there, seeing how he reacts to things, seeing how he sees certain things. We’re excited to having him out there with us.”
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