Redskins not impressed with replacement refs

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Lorenzo Alexander already saw evidence of players testing the refs Sunday, trying to get away with things they couldn’t do otherwise. Now it could get worse.

Alexander said he’s worried that players will try to test how far they can go, possibly leading to more cheap shots and injuries. He said teams already are adjusting to the officials and what isn’t being called.

“That’s what coaches want to do,” Alexander said. “You’ll come up with schemes and come up with techniques and push the envelope as far as the refs allow you to do. Guys were getting thrown down covering kickoffs. They weren’t calling it so as a player, why not do it? If I have a fast guy and I can grab him real quick and throw him to the ground, why not do it if the refs aren’t going to call it?”

DeAngelo Hall knows a way to solve the replacement refs issue.

“I have a couple mil on it, let’s try to make it work,” he said. “I’m sure this locker room could pile up some cash to help the cause out.”

Short of that, the players know they’re stuck with a system that appeared broke Sunday around the league and in the Redskins’ 31-28 loss to St. Louis. There were questionable calls, bad calls and missed calls – and a lot of extracurricular activity after the play. Both sides had legitimate complaints over calls; Redskins clearly had a right to beef about a handful.

“I’ve never been a part of anything like that before,” Hall said. “I’ve never been in a game that chippy….I guess it’s a testament to how well those other guys were.”

He wasn’t alone in that sentiment.

“It was a little different,” linebacker Ryan Kerrigan said. “Guys were kicking and shoving each other after the whistle. It got ridiculous. But we knew that was the type of game we’d be in after the first quarter so we have to deal with it.”

Alexander said the regular officials do a better job of taking control of games.

“The chippiness, cheap shots, some of that stuff other refs don’t have the tolerance,” he said. “As soon as you throw 15-yard penalties on people I think that gets guys to calm down.

“It’s like [being] a rookie. You can only get away with so much, you’re trying to figure everything else going on. Am I making the right call? Am I standing in the right place? Are my eyes right? Instead of worrying about trying to control or show that you need the same respect as someone who’s been doing it for 15 years.”


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