Redskins notes: RG3 chatter; Hightower on recovery

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1. Right tackle Jammal Brown was the only absent player this morning. We’ll get the official word on why he was out from Mike Shanahan this afternoon. Brown spent the offseason doing yoga and Pilates in an attempt to loosen the tissue in his hip and allow him to stay healthier. But as players age they typically don’t get healthier.

2. Tight end Chris Cooley said his knee feels fine.  “I took my time this offseason coming back from how I felt last year. I slowly worked into running harder and hard and whatever level it was at, as soon as there was no problem I advanced another level. I have no concerns. My injuries from last year are feeling much better.”

Cooley said he hasn’t spent time in the trainer’s room because of his knee. He has, however, dealt with groin and hamstring issues.

3. As expected, the big topic was Robert Griffin III. There certainly are other storylines in camp, but none are bigger than Griffin and his development. The players know this and have been happy to answer any question about him. Veteran London Fletcher, coming off his second Pro Bowl appearance, was at the podium for 19 minutes and 15 of the first 16 questions he faced were about Griffin.

“You know being around this game for a number of years, you can tell when you meet guys who have it and I think he’s on the way,” Fletcher said. “Just the way he carries himself, not a sense of entitlement. He works hard and he wants to be the best quarterback he can be. We know it’ll be a process. We don’t expect him to come in and be a top-five quarterback but if he does we won’t be mad about that either.”

And there’s this from Fletcher: “A lot of times you think because you’re the quarterback you have to be a leader on the team. His personality, his aura is one of great leadership qualities. There are just some things he does that rookies don’t generally do, getting guys together in Waco. That’s big time to get those guys to come out, to know that it’s not only important to develop his skill set but to work with his receivers. Eventually he’ll be the leader of this team but right now he doesn’t need that extra added pressure. We need him to worry about playing quarterback and I can handle my little part.”

4. Corner DeAngelo Hall called Griffin a “star” and he could be a “rock star” if he wins. “He’s a cool guy,” Hall said. But the veterans also know where Griffin ranks in the NFC East right now.

“Our division is so tough,” Hall said. “He’s probably right now the worst quarterback in our division. He hasn’t taken a snap. He has that title until he takes a snap and proves something.”

5. Running back Tim Hightower said exactly what you’d think he’d say about his surgically-repaired knee. He’s confident that it’s completely recovered and will enable him to do what he needs to in order to win the starting job. He said he spoke with a number of players who went through ACL tears, to see how they handled the following year. A lot of it was about listening to your body and dealing with the mental side of the recovery.

And, of course, he said he wants to be the starter – and he wants to win the job, not have it handed to him. “I want to be the starter because I’ve earned that spot and I’m the best man for that. That’s why I will be when that’s the case. Right now I have a lot to prove. I have a lot of work to do and I have to focus on me getting back to where I need to be.”

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