Reid’s Kochstitutional issue

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Harry Reid
saying that he is going to pass a constitutional amendment should sound about as credible as Donald Sterling saying that he was going to buy the New York Yankees. The Senate Majority leader can’t pass a tax bill that has major bipartisan support. He can’t pass a warm and fuzzy energy conservation bill his endangered members want. He can’t even deliver a vote on the Keystone Pipeline. More astonishing: Reid can’t muster the nominations of the president’s picks for two key judgeships and senior administration posts despite having changed the Senate rules so that that a simple majority is all that is required to confirm nominees. So who is Reid kidding when he talks about passing a constitutional amendment to limit campaign spending with a two thirds majority of the whole of the house and approval of two thirds of the states? Nobody, really. But Reid still mostly skates by with spouting such inanities because his members and the political press know that it’s all a gag designed to hurt Republican electoral chances.

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Reid will certainly go down as the Senate leader who broke the old rules of decorum and comity. His defenders will say that he had no choice, given the obstructionism of Republicans and that his feverish, near-constant denunciations of two billionaire conservative activists, Charles and David Koch, is a patriotic act. But whatever one thinks of the “why” of Reid’s antics, the “how” looks pretty darned dim. If Reid’s fellow Democrats are willing to let him hold a succession of show votes on a dead-meat Constitutional amendment even as the basic functions of the upper chamber wither and die, he may endure in his gambit. After all, Reid has shown a willingness to expound on nearly anything and has little regard for the truth in making his allegations and paid little price in the part. But…

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