Report: Obama told GOP lawmakers he will approve Keystone pipeline

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Was the recent favorable State Department report on the keystone pipeline a portent? Maybe. Buzzfeed reports that the subject came up in a meeting between President Obama and Republican lawmakers in Congress today and the congressmen liked what they heard:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama indicated during his lunch Wednesday afternoon with House Republicans that he would approve the Keystone pipeline, Rep. John Carson told reporters.

Obama previously blocked the completion of the pipeline, citing environmental concerns. But Carson and other Republicans present at the meeting said they were told the White House would drop its objection.

According to Republicans, the meeting cordial, with Obama speaking for just under 30 minutes before taking questions.

But “it wasn’t just platitudes and niceties. It was substantive,” said Rep. Michael Grimm.

Was I wrong about the White House and the pipeline? Will the administration resist pressure from environmentalists on the issue? We should know by June.

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