Republicans best Democrats on economy and guns, tied on immigration

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President Obama’s overall approval rating is back over 50 percent, according to the latest Pew Research survey, but his party is now losing to Republicans on the economy and guns and is tied with them on immigration.

Overall, 42 percent of those Americans surveyed said the Republican Party could do the better job dealing with the economy, while just 38 percent said they trusted the Democratic Party. Democrats did slightly better on guns only losing to Republicans by a 39-42 percent margin. The parties are tied on immigration at 38 percent.

The Republican Party is still wildly unpopular with just 22 percent of those surveyed approving of Republican leaders Congress. Not only do an unsurprising 81 percent of self-identified Democrats disapprove of congressional Republicans, but a majority of self-identified Republicans, 51 percent, say they disapprove of their party’s leaders as well.

However, while Republicans say they disapprove of their current leaders, they also believe their party could do a better job on specific issues. Pew writes: “Republicans overwhelmingly say the GOP could do a better job than the Democratic Party when it comes to issues like the economy, immigration and gun control. By comparison, fewer Democrats side with their party on the economy and gun control. … On each of these three issues, independents are split as to whether the Republican Party or the Democratic Party could do better.”

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