Republicans embrace the permanent campaign

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There is much to disagree with (“We are not a policy committee, but … we must embrace and champion comprehensive immigration reform”) and laugh at (“The Grand Old Party should be synonymous with the name ‘Growth and Opportunity Party.’”) in the Republican National Committee 2012 autopsy released today, but it does get one thing right: Republicans can’t afford to campaign every once every four years. They must begin a permanent and never-ending political operation. That is how Obama won in 2012.

Some exampled From the report:

The RNC should hire field staff within Hispanic communities nationally to build meaningful relationships. This cannot happen every four years but needs to be a continuous effort.

The RNC must substantively engage with the APA community throughout the year. Inclusion efforts can no longer be lip service, but need to be an organized effort within the community.

Establish swearing-in citizenship teams to introduce new citizens after naturalization ceremonies to the Republican Party.

The RNC should encourage individuals to participate in cultural organizations so that these organizations’ leadership is no longer dominated by Democrat-leaning individuals.

Establish a presence in African American communities and at black organizations such as the NAACP.

The RNC should host quarterly discussions on youth issues with Chairman Priebus,a leading GOP youth surrogate or elected official and young voters.

Recruit and competitively compensate talented and committed long-term data staff at the RNC. … The RNC is a national party and must have the staff resources available in this area to assist all 50 states, not just battleground states.

By June 15, 2013, make an investment in field staff beyond traditional battleground states and make an earlier commitment to building the field team in all state operations. It is essential for the Party to grow the playing field.

The Obama campaign began identifying and building relationships with their target voters very early on in the process … way before 2012. And Obama’s new “non-partisan” non-profit, Organizing for Action, is designed to leverage those relationships for Democrats in future elections.

Lacking a brand as cool as Obama, the RNC’s permanent campaign efforts will probably not be immediately successful. But they should make it easier for a 2016 candidate to beat Mitt Romney’s numbers among non-white voters under 30.

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