Republicans want to cut spending, except for the spending in their districts

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During the 2012 campaign, while Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were criticizing President Obama for spending too much and engaging in crony capitalism, Ryan stopped by a tank factory in Lima, Ohio, which the Army says it doesn’t need — and attacked Obama for wanting to close it.

At the time, I called this “perverse,” and suggested Republicans couldn’t effectively out-Santa-Claus Obama.

Today, Michael Scherer writes that House Speaker John Boehner is fighting to keep this tank factory open. Scherer also names other pork projects sought by Republicans who spend most of their time attacking federal overspending.

It reminds me of the “Fix The Debt” program led by corporations lobbying hard for special tax breaks.

I know congressmen and corporations say they will give up their goodies when everyone else does — but maybe leadership involves giving up your goodies first.

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