Residents fed up with contaminated water in S. Valley New Mexico
August 13, 2011 AT 12:45 AM
we first told you about a boil-order issue for some residents in the south valley on wednesday .... and tonight that advisory is still in affect. neighbors are telling us they're fed up with contaminated water. heather mills talked to them. they say they've reached their boiling point.. "i think it's been about a month since i've been sick here." about 600 residents in the south valley.. who get their water from the south hills water company.. have been issued a boil-order notice.. because of e-coli contamination.. "boil the water for at least 5 minutes before washing dishes with it, drinking it, brushing your teeth with it, not taking it to the pets." and they say this isn't the first time e-coli has made into their drinking water. "this has happened three or four times, it never stops." "it's a big inconvenience, then what if we get sick? i mean, who would pay for the medical bills or a vet bills?" henry coors owns south hills water company.. he says he was out of town and the chlorine system ran out of chrine. residents say that's no excuse... that it boils down to this.. "i would like for the city to put the water in here instead of depending on mr coors to keep the tanks clean." "fix the water system or put us on a better water system or maybe we could get connected to the city." coors tells us that if the city wants to buy south hills water company.. that'd be o-k with him. in albuquerque, heather mills, kob eye witness news four. a spokesperson with the albuquerque water authority tells us they are not in the market to purchase the south hills water company...because they say it wouldn't be in the best interets of residents. no word on when that boil advisory will be lifted.