Ricky Martin's Latest Rumored Boyfriend

CelebTV Latino
March 20, 2014 AT 1:06 PM
Last week i twas Federico Diaz, but this week it's Pablo Alboran! Ricky Martin and Pablo were on holiday in India where they worked on a single together, and rumors started swirling the two were more than just friends. When a Mexican tabloid splashed the story on its cover with the headline, "Ricky Martin Has Found Love," Pablo decided to put his foot down and squash the rumors! He told Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Dia, "It's sad that just because you upload a photo on Twitter they all have to ask you 'who's sleeping in your bed?' It just shouldn't happen in this century, it's pathetic." Well even if the two aren't an item, we can't wait to hear their duet! Pablo says his recording with Ricky is a "surprise," and we expect it will be on his next album!