Ron Paul calls for 'epidemic' of Edward Snowden-style whistleblowers

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Seizing on the public's demand for a louder voice in public affairs, former presidential candidate Ron Paul is expanding his media footprint with a call for an “epidemic of truth-telling” by whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and Vietnam War-era tipster Daniel Ellsberg.

Already the face of the web-based Ron Paul Channel, the libertarian Republican has just added an interactive online site called “Voices of Liberty” that will provide more news, blogs and a chance for supporters to start petitions to push policy in Washington.

“He’s so excited about it. He’s jazzed,” said Voices of Liberty managing editor Tiffany Rider. “I don’t think ‘retirement’ is in his vocabulary,” she told Secrets.

In a video explaining his project, Paul said that the new “Voices” site is “one step forward where we are going to reach a lot more people.”

Part of his goal, he added, is to encourage more insiders like former national security official Snowden or Ellsberg, who made public the infamous Vietnam War Pentagon Papers, to come forward and reveal the government’s secrets that clash with liberty.

“I’ll tell you what has helped us a whole lot, and that is something that we can encourage, and that is to get more more whistleblowers,” he said in the video. “Think of Edward Snowden, what he has done for revealing the truth. Think of what Daniel Ellsberg did in a much more difficult time, and he narrowly escaped going to prison for this, and of course Edward Snowden might not ever even be able to come back to this country,” said Paul.

“He did tell us the truth,” Paul added of Snowden. “He is a wonderful voice, and maybe we can cause an epidemic of truth-telling, because the crisis that we have now, whether it’s the economic crisis, the foreign policy crisis, there is such a need to hear the truth.”

Rider said the site will expand on Paul’s effort to make “rights and liberty” a key topic of public discussion. “It’s about making noise for liberty,” she said.

The site is also aimed at expanding Paul’s audience, especially by drawing in younger Americans.

“We want to crowdsource the next generation,” she added.

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