Rooting for the Ravens in D.C. is OK

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If you live in the D.C. area, it's OK to root for the Ravens. Sure, Baltimore hates Washington, but it's strictly a one-way deal. Washington is bigger, stronger, richer and more important. If we lived in Baltimore, we would hate us, too.

Baltimore looks at Washington and sees a powerful cosmopolitan metropolis, the epicenter of the free world. We look at Baltimore and see lawn jockeys, duckpins and guys who want to show you their gold tooth and how they can turn their eyelids inside out. Movies set in the District include "Broadcast News," "All the President's Men" and "Mr. Smith goes to Washington." The three most famous films about Baltimore are "Diner," "Hairspray" and "Pink Flamingos."

So if you are conflicted about the Super Bowl, feel free to root for the adopted home team to the north -- for no other reason than Baltimore hates it when we do.

One more thing to keep in mind are the words of former Redskins great John Riggins when asked his impressions of Baltimore after an exhibition game there.

"They evidently don't have many dentists up there," Riggo famously said.

- Kevin Dunleavy

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