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Rubio makes case for ObamaCare bailout blockade

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Do Republicans have the appetite for another debt-ceiling showdown? President Obama and his fellow Democrats are betting that the red team doesn’t and that House Republicans will eventually yield to an unconditional hike in the federal borrowing limit. But Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., will make the case today that House Republicans can use the looming borrowing breach as leverage to start to unwind ObamaCare. Rubio, the lead proponent of a move to block insurance industry bailouts built into the law, will testify this morning before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee about his plan. House Speaker John Boehner has said he is open to the idea of making the debt lift contingent on blocking potentially billions of dollars in handouts to insurance firms grappling with the fallout from ObamaCare. But Boehner won’t go ahead unless Republicans are united behind the plan. That’s why Rubio’s sales pitch today is a pretty big deal. The alternate House plan would be to leverage the debt hike for a largely symbolic move to demand what is now considered the inevitable approval of an oil pipeline from Canada. – Watch Fox: Correspondent Peter Doocy is following the hearing and considers what the provisions mean for consumers.

[Gallup’s latest survey finds 51 percent oppose ObamaCare and only 24 percent feel it will personally benefit them.]

High stakes - Ending the bailouts could be the end of ObamaCare since insurance companies would be unlikely to remain in the program without the taxpayer subsidies to offset their guaranteed losses under the law. If they bolt, the law collapses, meaning Obama would be highly unlikely to ever sign such a bill. But if Rubio can get the House to act, he might at least be able to force a painful vote in the Senate on a provision of the law that is unpopular across the political spectrum.

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