Rubio on football: You can’t take the risk out of sports

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During his event with Buzzfeed Brews, Sen. Marco Rubio R-Fla. reacted to President Obama’s comments about the danger of football, noting that it was impossible to take the risk out of sports.

“There’s still a risk in it,” Rubio admitted when asked about the President’s comments by Buzzfeed editor Ben Smith. “I would submit to you that there is risk in soccer – people running full speed without any padding on.” Rubio added that his daughter was a competitive stunt cheerleader which was also a risk.

“She’s one of the flyers, girls get dropped all the time, it’s dangerous,” he admitted.

Rubio revealed that he helps coach the football team of his own 7-year-old son Anthony – admitting that he made sure that his son had the “best helmet available.”

Rubio noted that the game has changed since he played in high school, as coaches now discourage players from leading tackles with their head. He added that the modern NFL had changed in terms of violence and had become more of a game centered on offense.

“You literally can’t touch a guy, you can’t get near a quarterback which means that pass rush is slowing up,” he said, but added that the organization was making up for it with more exciting plays.

Rubio discouraged the idea of getting the Senate involved in the debate, suggesting that they had bigger things to focus on.

“The idea that Congress, who can’t even pass a budget, is somehow going to solve concussions in the NFL is, you know, doubtful at best,” he joked.

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