Sally Field on texting with Abraham Lincoln

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Former first lady Mary Todd Lincoln may not have had access to a smartphone, but that didn't stop Sally Field from texting as her during the filming of "Lincoln."

Field, who plays Mrs. Lincoln in the Steven Spielberg biopic of the 16th president, told CBS that she and Daniel Day-Lewis had lively exchanges off-set. "He would text me all the time, totally in character," Field said. "And I would text him back totally as Mary, constantly. Sometimes he would just send me bizarre limericks. And I, as Mary, would write back, usually criticizing him."

Field, who is 10 years older than Day-Lewis, had to fight for the role of Lincoln's wife, who was 10 years younger than her husband in real life. After getting cut from the part, Field insisted on a screen test with Day-Lewis, who had already been cast. They met, both in costume, and he kissed her hand.

"I said, 'Mr. Lincoln,'" Field said. "He said, 'Mother,'" which was the president's pet name for his wife. Field walked away with the role.

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