Sarkozy Denounces "Stasi" Phone-tapping

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March 20, 2014 AT 1:03 PM
Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has attacked the phone-tapping conducted by magistrates investigating him, breaking his silence on the subject to liken the actions to those of the "Stasi" police of former Communist East Germany. In a letter to be published in Le Figaro newspaper on Friday, the 59-year- old, widely expected to stand for election again in 2017, said the phone-tapping had broken "fundamental principles", the judiciary had been "instrumentalised" and "the sacred principles of our Republic have been trampled underfoot". It came after his lawyer said earlier on Thursday he would make a legal complaint against the phone-tappings, which were conducted in connection with investigations into the funding of Sarkozy's successful 2007 election campaign.