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  • Free ride? Democrats failing to field challenger to Eric Cantor

    In a “never mind” move, Richmond, Va., Democrats have been forced to cancel their planned May 3 convention to pick a challenger to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor because nobody stepped forward to take him on. The Henrico County Democratic Committee made the surprise move after presumed...

  • Study: Republican Party will grow with more, not less, white support

    A revealing new study on the political impact of whites becoming a minority by 2042 finds that the Republican Party will gain support as more whites, feeling threatened about their status, embrace conservative policies. The study from Northwestern University and published in the influential...

  • Joe Biden makes voting rights pitch for DNC

    Vice President Joe Biden made a pitch for voting rights in a new video for the Democratic National Committee, urging supporters to help the organization's Voter Expansion Project ahead of November's midterms. “If someone had said to me ten years ago that I'd have to make a pitch for...

  • Chris Christie: Obama hug did not hurt Mitt Romney in the election

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie asserted that his "hug" of President Obama right before the 2012 election in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy did not hurt Mitt Romney's chance to win the presidency.

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