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  • Can a Louisiana Tea Partier beat the GOP establishment choice?

    Even though a lot of reporting on the Louisiana Senate race has focused on the head-to-head Landrieu-Cassidy matchup, there will be more GOP candidates than just Cassidy on the ballot this November.

  • Election-year GOP split over home-state projects

    Republicans can't seem to reach an official party line this election year on the old Washington custom of using the federal budget to benefit the folks back home.

  • Keystone XL's future depends upon outcome of 2014 election

    Will Obama finally approve or reject the Keystone XL pipeline project "in a few months," as Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin recently claimed he vowed? Don't count on it, at least according to The Hill's Laura Barron-Lopez, writing on the E2 wire. After so much back and forth on the issue since 2009,...

  • Louisiana Senate candidate Bill Cassidy raises $1.2 million in first quarter

    Rep. Bill Cassidy, R-La., raised more than $1.2 million in the first quarter of 2014, marking the strongest fundraising haul yet for the conservative frontrunner in the race against vulnerable Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu. The Washington Examiner obtained the fundraising figures in advance of...

  • NRSC ad challenge falls flat in Louisiana

    An advertisement attacking GOP mega-donors Charles and David Koch and Rep. Bill Cassidy, a Republican candidate for Senate, is staying on the air in Louisiana despite the threat of legal action from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, after television stations deemed the ad accurate.

  • Arizona is on the cutting edge of key national issues

    PHOENIX — The Grand Canyon State is ahead of the curve. From gay rights, to border security and immigration, to the rise of Latino-American politicians, to absorbing military cuts, Arizona has been busy adjudicating the issues that states across the nation will soon be facing, debating and...

  • Rep. Ron Barber: Fired up and ready to go

    Does Rep. Ron Barber have the sheer force of will to win re-election? “I want it as bad as I’ve wanted anything in my life,” said the Arizona Democrat, who was first sworn into office in June 2012.

  • House Democrats vow to make Ryan budget 'defining issue'

    Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel vowed to make Rep. Paul Ryan's budget proposal "the defining issue in the midterm elections." Israel panned the House Budget Committee chairman's plan, which would cut federal spending by $5.1 trillion over 10 years in part by...

  • The Tea Party Establishment: Outsiders become insiders

    Will the real Republican Establishment please stand up? In the four years since the Supreme Court struck down fundraising regulations that effectively gave the Democratic and Republican parties a monopoly on large-scale political activity, a collection of Tea Party-affiliated organizations has...

  • Good news in the jobs numbers? Depends on whom you ask

    Expect the White House and its media allies to tout Friday's March jobs report, which indicated that private-sector jobs have grown to an all-time high of 116,087,000. It's an important milestone because it means that the job market has finally recovered from the financial crisis of 2007-08....

  • Obamacare unpopularity hits all-time high in NPR poll

    Opposition to Obamacare hit an all-time high in an NPR poll showing "early signs of a Republican wave" in the 2014 elections, even though the survey polled more Democrats than Republicans. "For the first time in NPR polling, a majority of voters disapproves of the health care law, 51 to 47...

  • Ted Cruz takes dig at Bruce Braley in Iowa op-ed

    Rep. Bruce Braley, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Iowa, has been the target of relentless Republican attacks since a video from a fundraiser revealed Braley dismissing Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley as a "farmer from Iowa" to a crowd of trial lawyers.

  • Georgia Senate candidate Michelle Nunn 'optimistic' in first TV ad

    In her first ad of the election cycle, unveiled Thursday, Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn introduces herself to Georgians as an "optimist" and touts her work with former President George H.W. Bush to boost her centrist credentials.

  • Obama, again: 'This is my last campaign'

    President Obama is on his last campaign -- again. "[E]ven though I promised Michelle that 2012 was going to be my last campaign, actually this one is my last campaign," Obama said at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser Wednesday night in Chicago. But this time the message had a tone...

  • Republicans can't beat Obamacare without effective health care solutions of their own

    The only thing missing from President Obama's Rose Garden press conference Tuesday was a "Mission Accomplished" banner. He bragged that 7 million people have “signed up” through the health exchanges and claimed it was a “big step forward.”

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